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IP Telephony and PBX (Telephone Exchange)

LinuxBox provides comprehensive solutions for company telecommunications. Our server-based PBX exchange offers cutting-edge features, centralization of the entire administration, high flexibility in configuration options and all the advantages of a single network infrastructure to complement devices such as landline and mobile phones, conference phones, VoIP ATA and GSM gates, PoE, door communicators and phone headsets. We have developed utilities and extensions for a shared central phonebook, call recording, automatic call dialing, or ‘calltray’ – for easy dialing from a PC. Our dedicated team of specialists ensures superior after-sales support.


PBX - Telefonní ústředna

LinuxBox Servers

Our servers are easily adaptable to suit the size and specific requirements of your company, with special focus on security and service support.  They offer comprehensive company network security, a uniform web administration interface and detailed traffic analysis. The main security features are firewall, attachment filter, anti-virus and anti-spam, VPN and web proxy. We offer advanced extensions like united e-mail footers, data backup, NAS net storage, cloud storage or central address books, all without licence limits – simply no limits on the number of e-mail addresses or VPN accounts, inbox capacity or data traffic.

Server Linuxbox

Private Cloud

Highly available multi-node virtualized cluster. LinuxBox private cloud provides dedicated infrastructure, fully adapted to our customers’ needs and without additional costs – regardless of resource consumption or transferred data. Private cloud is a highly-available solution, designed also to run business-critical applications.

Privátní cloud

Cloud Storage

We offer various cloud storage systems from alternatives to Dropbox or Google Drive (with data stored on the customer’s device), to network storage (NAS) or S3 storage (compatible with Amazon S3). Our cloud systems have every feature our customers expect: a web interface, data sharing, encrypted communication, no limits or user number licensing, and high availability, with servers located in the Czech Republic.


Cloudové úložiště

Network Traffic Analysis

Introducing FoxStat – our tool for recording and analyzing data lines. It quickly identifies the source of network problems by analysing the typical daily operation of the network, load lines and individual protocols. It also supports security against sensitive information leaks, and checks for unexpected and undesirable load line connections. FoxStat can be used to trace and disable unwanted programs and monitors running network applications and transmitted files, keeping track of line load. Generally, it optimizes total network traffic with respect to the current needs of the user. FoxStat is an ideal tool, not only for debugging current problems, but also to perform reverse debugging, thanks to its refined lossless recording ability. More info at



Voice Biometrics

Authentication and identification of incoming callers by ‘voiceprints’ – let your PBX recognize incoming callers by their voice, or use it for secured access, identification and verification. Voice biometrics can be used alone to provide a convenient method of authentication via ‘voiceprints’ or as part of a two-factor authentication process combined with something the customer “knows” (like a password or PIN) or “has” (like a cell phone with caller ID, or a credit card) to provide an extra layer of security for sensitive information and financial transactions. We are developing or own unique voice biometrics system, connected to our LinuxBox PBX or to customer’s systems through API.


Hlasová biometrie


Automated Call Pattern (Auto IVR)

Automated call pattern is for cases where it is necessary inform a large number of people in a timely manner. Fast and effective – the person receiving the call hears a message with a few options for answering. If the person called is not responding or picking up, the call is repeated or redirected to a secondary contact.  The user has real-time statistics of successful contacts and their responses. The system is typically used by hospitals and emergency services (particularly to provide critical alerts in the case of major incidents), municipalities and marketing research companies, among others.


SMS Text Message Gate – IPSMS

IPSMS is an SMS gate enabling easy and fast sending or receiving of text messages to any mobile network via a convenient web application or any mail client or customer’s information system. It has every useful function you need: splitting of long text messages, delivery confirmation, support for import and sending bulk SMS, time-scheduled sending, use of shared contact address books, well-arranged statistics and expense limits as well.

SMS brána



Our services

Server Administration

We consider server administration to be integral to ensuring the highest possible levels of customer satisfaction, no matter how big or small the client. Administration includes regular preventive checks, software updates, availability monitoring and connection to a central service system. This service is provided in 9×5 (workdays) or 24×7 (nonstop) modes.


Správa serverů

Network Administration

We provide outsourcing of network administration for small to medium-sized companies who demand guaranteed quality and availability of IT services.
We provide continuous maintenance of hardware and software (e.g. updates, preventative inspections etc) and will quickly deal with operational incidents and technical faults, while providing technical and consulting support, as well as any necessary additional ICT equipment etc. This service is provided both onsite and by remote access.


Správa počítačových sítí